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There are several possible pitfalls waiting for you if you are trying to buy or sell real estate. You must fill out paperwork correctly and ensure that there are no liens against the property. At the Law Office of J. Michael Risinger, I work hard to help clients transfer real estate and resolve disputes.

While my office mostly handles transfers of residential real estate, I also deal with commercial real estate and can represent landlords and tenants.

Tyler County Lawyer Transferring Deeds Of Trust

People from Woodville, Texas, and the surrounding area know that I take a thorough approach to real estate transactions. Trying to complete a real estate sale without an attorney’s advice could cause you to make several preventable mistakes. I will make sure that all of your paperwork is correctly filled out and that there is a clean title. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to worry about more important things, such as moving expenses and logistics.

As an experienced litigator, I have also been involved in many disputes involving foreclosures, evictions, boundary lines and easements. In these situations, I have successfully represented lenders, defendants and property owners. People and businesses come to me at the start of the process to help them draft paperwork, and I can be there until the very end if it is necessary to go to court.

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Contact my office before signing off on any real estate deal. My diligence, experience and hard work will pay off for you. Call 409-200-2159 to schedule a consultation.

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