Tyler County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges, whether felony or misdemeanor, are serious matters that could cause irreparable harm to your life. A conviction could mean prison time, fines, probation and driver’s license suspension. It could also mean, however, that you will be unable to secure employment, housing and access to student loans.

My name is J. Michael Risinger, and I am an experienced criminal defense attorney who can thoroughly investigate the charges against you and fight hard to get the best results possible. At my office in Woodville, Texas, I serve clients facing all types of charges, including:

  • DWI
  • Assault
  • Drug possession
  • Burglary
  • Murder
  • Traffic violations

Lawyer Fighting DWI And Drug Charges For Woodville Residents And Throughout East Central Texas

Texas is an extremely punitive state when it comes to criminal convictions. A conviction for a second DWI will mean an automatic prison sentence, and while some states have relaxed their marijuana laws, you will likely receive a harsh punishment in Texas.

As a former Tyler County prosecutor, I know what it takes to get positive results for you. After spending a considerable amount of time on the other side of the courtroom, I can anticipate problems before they develop. I will thoroughly investigate your claims, evaluate any evidence and file motions to reduce or dismiss the charges. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I will go to trial and fight for your rights if you think that is the best course of action.

You Should Have An Attorney Present Before Speaking To The Police

Contact the Law Office of J. Michael Risinger if you face criminal charges. Police will often try to get you to confess to something when they arrest you. It is crucial to have an attorney present to protect your rights. Call my office at 409-200-2159 to speak with a lawyer.

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