Experienced Woodville Criminal Law Attorney

Facing criminal charges, going through a divorce, starting the estate planning process and completing a real estate transaction are all stressful events. If you face any one of these, you may want to consider hiring a knowledgeable, skilled lawyer who knows how to best protect your legal rights and look out for your interests.

At my law firm, the Law Office of J. Michael Risinger, I serve clients throughout East Central Texas who need experienced legal representation. My general practice law firm in Woodville, Texas, is known for a track record of successfully resolving legal issues related to criminal defense, family law, estate planning and probate and real estate law.

Attorney Fighting DWI Charges In Tyler County, Hardin County And Beyond

A conviction on DWI or any other type of criminal charge can have serious ramifications on your life, including spending time in prison. In the other practice areas listed above, you could potentially lose thousands upon thousands of dollars if you do not receive the right legal advice.

As a former prosecutor, I have spent a considerable amount of time on the other side of the courtroom. I know how the opposition thinks.

I earn the respect of my clients and my peers due to my hard work, diligence and willingness to take on complex cases. I am also an experienced litigator who knows how to be a strong advocate on your behalf. As my client, I will provide you with the personal service you need and expect from a small town law firm.

Do Not Go To Court Alone. Contact My Office To Discuss Your Options.

Contact the Law Office of J. Michael Risinger in Woodville, Texas, at 409-200-2159 to schedule a free consultation if you need an attorney who knows how to handle criminal law, family law, estate planning or real estate matters. I am also available to my clients on nights and weekends, if necessary.

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